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Composite Tools Lomas Engineering

LOMAS design and manufacture a wide range of Special Solid Carbide and PCD tooling for various composite and exotic aerospace materials at our manufacturing facility in Sheffield, England.

All LOMAS tooling is fully CNC ground and custom built to our customers’ own specifications/prints. All tools can be manufactured to include any of the following:

  • Special cutting and/or shank diameters
  • Custom shanks (flatted/threaded/precision/heat shrink)
  • Special cutting length and/or overall lengths
  • Corner radius or corner chamfer configurations
  • Special tight tolerances
  • Internal coolant feed
  • Special tool – CVD coatings

LOMAS provide Special Grades of carbides, offering better abrasion resistance and increased tool hardness to withstand high temperatures when cutting. CVD (Chemical Vapour Desposition) Diamond coatings are also available which reduce heat and friction at the cutting edge, produce higher quality surface finish and can increase tool life by as much as ten times.

We also offer our own Special Drills designed for hand drilling, with specific cutting tool geometries for CFRP, both with excellent entrance and exit hole quality and increased tool life and feed rates.

Listed below are some of our most common drill designs used in many various aerospace applications:


Composite Tools Lomas Engineering


Composite Tools Lomas Engineering


Composite Tools Lomas Engineering


Composite Tools Lomas Engineering

Further Information

We also offer extensive after-sales support. Our Technical Customer Service Department are on hand to answer any queries and requirements both before and after your purchase.

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Lomas Engineering is a specialist manufacturer of world-class cutting tools, and a trusted supplier to the aerospace industry.