Drills Lomas Engineering

LOMAS manufacture a wide range of Special Drills for use in many production applications.

Special multiple diameter drills, such as Step Drills and Subland Drills are offered, which can carry out complex drilling and countersinking operations in one production set-up.

Special Double Margin and Drill Reamers are used for the drilling of close tolerance holes in single operation. 

Oil Hole/Coolant Feed drills are manufactured with internal ducts through which liquid flows to the cutting zone. These drills are suited to deep drilling and operations which require intense lubrication. 

We offer Core and Step Core drills which are used for enlarging pre-drilled holes. The 3 or 4 flute design serves to correct both alignment and the concentricity of existing manufactured holes. 

All drills produced are available in all grades of tool steels, brazed and solid carbides with various special tool coatings such as TiN, TiCN, TIALN etc. 

Spacematic and Drivematic Tooling

Drills Lomas Engineering

Nutplate Drill & Countersink Tools

Drills Lomas Engineering


Drills Lomas Engineering

Taper-lok Drill, Ream & Countersink Cutters

Drills Lomas Engineering
Drills Lomas Engineering
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All our products are manufactured using industry-leading methods and the highest quality materials. They conform to all required safety and quality standards.