Spotface / Counterbores

Spotface / Counterbores Lomas Engineering

We offer a range of Spotface and Counterbore Tooling in HSS, Cobalt, ASP and Carbide Tipped Materials.

All Spotface and Reverse/Back Spotface cutters are precision ground with corner radius and back taper to assure free cutting clearance. 

Back Spotface Cutters are designed for use in restricted areas where conventional spotfacing cannot be accomplished. Various styles and sizes are supplied with quick release Bayonet Holding or Pin Type Drives.

We also offer Threaded Shank Counterbore cutters with pilots for use in Micro-Stop Cages for the Aerospace Industry. These can be supplied in Cobalt material to cut Aluminium and Titanium and for Composite materials we can supply them in Carbide Tipped or PCD. 

All Spotface/Counterbore cutters are offered with tool coatings such as TiN, TiCN & TIALN etc. 

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We also offer extensive after-sales support. Our Technical Customer Service Department are on hand to answer any queries and requirements both before and after your purchase.

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We provide special grades of carbides, which offer better abrasion resistance and increased tool hardness to withstand high temperatures when cutting.