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LOMAS are world leaders and a prime industry source for all types of Micro-Stop/Threaded Shank tooling used by airframe builders and maintenance repair facilities around the world.

Our product line includes all variants of Countersinks / Counterbores / Spotfacers / Radius Cutters / Drills / Reamers / Drill Reamers etc. LOMAS tools can be manufactured in all grades of Cobalt Material HSS, Solid Carbide, Carbide Tipped and Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD).

LOMAS Micro-Stop tools are fully ground on all diameters/flutes and seating angles and are available with all types of standard and special ground threads. Cutters are available with special diameters/countersink angles and corner radius to customers’ specifications.

LOMAS manufacture PCD Countersinks for use on composite materials and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics (CFRP). High quality PCD inserts provide a superior finish to composite materials requiring minimal effort from the operator. The superior characteristics of PCD ensure extended tool life of the cutters. Special Countersinks for ‘Kevlar’ (Aramid Fibre) materials with unique cutter geometry are also available. These tools provide excellent surface finish and prevent the tearing of fibres in the component material.

LOMAS also supply very high quality Micro-Stop Cages in stainless steel used by the world’s leading aerospace companies. 

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We also offer extensive after-sales support. Our Technical Customer Service Department are on hand to answer any queries and requirements both before and after your purchase.

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We provide special grades of carbides, which offer better abrasion resistance and increased tool hardness to withstand high temperatures when cutting.