Made in Sheffield

Made in Sheffield Lomas Engineering

Made in Sheffield is a globally-recognised brand – a mark of quality which is only awarded to the highest quality products manufactured within the ‘Steel City’.

Sheffield has a long history as a city of makers. The first official reference to this fact is a tax return by Robert the Cutler, filed in 1297!

By the 1600s, there was a thriving industry in Sheffield, with the city becoming well-known for its high-quality cutlery and tools, which were eventually supplied to worldwide markets.

In the early 1900s, the Sheffield Defence Committee was formed, with the remit of defending the good name of Sheffield throughout the world. In many countries, Sheffield was registered as a trademark, to ensure that it could not be used without merit.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and Sheffield remains a successful city of makers, boasting world-class companies across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, technology, creative, food and healthcare. Made in Sheffield also continues to thrive as a recognised quality mark. As a manufacturer of innovative, leading-edge tools for the aerospace market, Lomas Engineering were a clear contender for the Made in Sheffield mark. Based in the heart of the Steel City, Lomas are proud of their industrial heritage.

Managing Director, Ian Lomas said:

‘We’re thrilled to have been recognised as quality Sheffield manufacturers, joining the ranks of those incredible makers who have gone before us. The Made in Sheffield mark is a symbol of our city’s rich history and ongoing commitment to excellence.’