One step ahead

One step ahead Lomas Engineering

At Lomas Engineering, we manufacture bespoke Special Cutting Tools, primarily for the aerospace industry worldwide, and we are constantly seeking to innovate and improve our processes and products, to make sure we stay at the forefront of our industry and one step ahead of our competitors.

When manufacturing and supplying to the aerospace sector, quality control and precision are of the utmost importance, and every product is fully inspected and checked before it goes out to the customer. In a bid to find the best and most innovative inspection machine on the market, we came across ZOLLER UK, and realised that the Genius 3, a universal measuring machine, was the perfect solution for the precise inspection we require.

From the rapid testing of individual criteria, to complete fully automatic or operator-independent checks, tools are checked quickly, simply, and without error. As a result, the Genius 3 has saved us valuable time.

Robust and ideal for any CNC manufacturing environment, the Genius 3 integrates seamlessly with our many CNC Tool Grinders situated at our facility. By measuring the cutting tool against a nominal contour, »lasso« is capable of automatically generating a corrective contour to amend any errors it can detect. With the push of a button, this offset correction is automatically transferred back to the CNC grinding machine, eliminating human error, and guaranteeing the delivery of accurate, precise geometries.

The Genius 3 has become integral to daily production and quality processes at Lomas Engineering. With 5 axis CNC control coupled with a fully adjustable 8 segment incident light system, the Genius 3 provides fast and efficient results instantly, all whilst giving us complete traceability back to the machine and its users.

John Garner is a CNC tool & cutter grinder at Lomas Engineering, and along with other members of this team, he uses the Zoller Genius 3 daily.

‘I have been manufacturing tools for 35 years, and to me, the Zoller is invaluable. It helps me to make sure every aspect of the tool is correct – first time, every time.

Ian Lomas, MD of Lomas Engineering also rates the machine highly:

‘Our customers know they can trust our products and the Zoller gives them additional peace of mind that all tools have been produced to their exacting standards with detailed inspection reporting as an option.’